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Hypercom T7Plus User Manual


Hypercom T7Plus Manual

Hypercom Corporation
  • Compact design — Available in 35 and 19-key configurations
  • "One-touch" feature — Allows common functions at the push of a button
  • Multi-merchant feature — Up to 20 unique merchant IDs in one terminal
  • Value-added application support — Check, loyalty, EBT and prepaid applications
  • Large paper roll — 2” and 3”, 80mm paper roll for more transactions
  • Trusted & stable — Low failure rates
  • Modem — Up to 56K
  • Contactless payment — External readers support for cards and fobs
  • Security — Boot lock feature protects against unauthorized reloading
  • Visa PED — Optional, integrated PINpad model available
  • Memory: 512KB RAM (standard); 1MB (optional)EPROM: 82KB
  • Display: Backlit: 2 lines x 20 characters; 4 lines x 20 characters (optional)
  • Card Reader: Magnetic stripe, Tracks 1 & 2, Tracks 1,2,3 (optional)
  • Comm Ports: PIN pad, 4-wire, RS485; Ethernet RJ-45 (optional)
  • Security: Physical intrusion detection
  • Modem: 2400bps; 56K (optional); synchronous (SDLC) and asynchronous
  • Key management: 12 master/session keys 0r 1 DUKPT
  • Printer: SureLoad clamshell design, drop-in loading, thermal technology, 384 dots per line
  • Keypad:  Elastomeric, 35 keys; water splash-resistant; 19 key,3 soft key (optional)
  • Physical: 10.0"L x 5.18"W x 2.5"H - Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz DC: 12V, 1mA
The Hypercom T7 Plus Credit Card Machine builds on the heritage of Hypercom’s popular T7 family of credit card machines selling more than 3 million units to satisfy the many needs of merchant accounts. The latest model, the Hypercom T7 Plus, is designed for merchants requiring a compact countertop POS terminal accepting all magnetic stripe cards and delivering fast online transaction authorizations. The Hypercom T7Plus credit card machine is a full-featured POS solution that offers high-performance and speed in a compact design and utilizes its familiar one-touch functionality to simplify operation and reduce training time. The Hypercom T7Plus credit card terminal’s SureLoad printer generates receipts in half the time, is graphics capable and alerts cashiers to low paper conditions and allows paper to be simply dropped into place, which eliminates paper jams and keeps terminal functional. The Graphics capability of the Hypercom T7Plus thermal printer prints receipts in half the time of previous generation printers, which allows merchants to print logos and coupons directly to the POS. The Hypercom T7Plus credit card terminal features an extensive, proven library of software that delivers fast transaction times making it a simple, full-featured and reliable POS solution with a low cost of ownership. With its one-touch capability which initiates all daily functions with one straightforward step, the Hypercom T7Plus credit card machine is very easy to operate and extremely easy to learn.  Industry-leading software includes the functionality necessary to introduce value-added opportunities to the merchant in an integrated application using the Hypercom T7Plus credit card terminal. The Advanced parallel processing architecture of the Hypercom T7Plus credit card terminal ensures quick transaction times, which decreases communication costs. For challenging installations that have limited phone lines to spare, the Hypercom T7Plus credit card terminal has an integrated RS-485 capability enables multiple units to utilize one phone line through the addition of a Hypercom dial concentrator. The Hypercom T7Plus credit card machine allow merchants to connect devices such as check imagers, PIN pads and check readers using the additional peripheral port to provide more payment choices. The Hypercom T7Plus credit card terminal offers low total cost of ownership due to high reliability, communications capabilities and easy-to-use design combined with a secure design that meets industry standards and is processor certified making the device a complete, cost-effective solution. Whether you’re looking for a reliable payment terminal, innovative, value-add technology, or a complete electronic management system, Hypercom can deliver and the Hypercom T7Plus credit card terminal is the perfect solution. The Hypercom T7 Plus credit card terminal is an ideal choice for merchants wanting a new, updated credit/debit card POS terminal to handle their merchant account needs.

For more information on the Hypercom T7Plus credit card terminal, please visit the Hypercom website.
Online Manual: 

T7Plus Installation Guide

Cleaning the T7
Use the following procedure to clean the casing and the printer mechanism of the T7
Apply denatured alcohol or a Windex

type product to a clean soft nonabrasivelowlint cloth
Carefully wipe the entire terminal
As needed use antistatic compressed air to clean in and around the printer mechanism
Supply Information
If you are unable to purchase items such as paper through your bank or processor contact Merchant Supplies at 8005228710
This equipment is compliant with the following
World Headquarters
2851 West Kathleen Road Phoenix AZ 85053
6025045000 877HYPERCOM within USA Fax 6025045166
email infohypercomcom web wwwhypercomcom
Hypercom Corporation 2002 Printed in the United States of America
940365002 Rev D
FCC Part 15 ICES003 FCC Part 68 CS03 CTR21 EN55022 EN55024
EN60950 CISPR 22 ASNZS 3260 ASNZS 3548

DO NOT use undiluted ammonia or abrasive cleaners
Adding Value to Innovation

Plus Terminal
The Hypercom

epic ePOSinfocommerce T7
Plus combines the flexibility of a fullfeatured
smartcard ready HyperSmart integrated POS terminal with the infrastructure to quickly and costeffectively integrate new applications This combination makes the T7
Plus the simplest and
most innovative POS solution available today
Note Features on your model of T7Plus may vary from those shown in this installation guide
Installation Procedures
Note The following equipment warnings are for your safety and that of your equipment
Powering Up the Terminal
Use the following procedure to power up the T7
1 Connect the 24 VDC power cable from the AC adapter to the
threepin terminal power socket labeled PWR on the back panel of the T7
Plus See Figure 1
2 Plug the adapter into a grounded AC power outlet When the power
is properly connected the terminal beeps twice then performs a selftest routine
Connecting the Telephone Line
Use the following procedure to connect a telephone line to the T7
1 Insert the telephone cable shipped with the T7
Plus terminal into a
dedicated analog telephone outlet
2 Connect the other end of the telephone cable into the port labeled
LINE on the back panel of the T7
Plus terminal See Figure 2
The use of a different cable may result in improper operation
Note Ensure that the telephone line cable latches firmly into the jacks
on the T7
Plus terminal and wall receptacle
Note If connection to an extension telephone is needed install a
Hypercom Line Splitter into the terminal port labeled LINE Install the line from the extension phone into the PHONE port on the Splitter Install the line from the wall receptacle into the LINE port See Figure 3 The terminal disconnects the PHONE port when a transaction is being processed
Setup Procedures
Use the following procedures to set up your T7
Plus for operation
Loading Paper
Use the following procedure to load paper into the T7
Plus terminal
Note Use only thermal roll paper
1 Squeeze the paper cover tabs and lift open the paper cover
See Figure 4
2 Place the paper roll into the holder so the paper feeds from
under the roll Pull the end of the paper roll over the printer See Figure 5
3 While holding the end of the paper roll close the paper
cover You will hear the paper cover click when properly latched See Figure 5
4 Tear off the excess paper
Using a Credit Card
A credit card can be swiped bidirectionally either toward or away from you
1 When holding the card make sure the stripe is facing away from the body of the terminal
toward your right and down
2 Slide the card all the way though the long credit card
slot on the rightside of the terminal starting on either end in one smooth motion See Figure 6
3 Follow standard operating procedures to complete the
transaction See the
T7Plus HyperWare Retail and
Restaurant Software Manual or contact your bank or processor for more information
Using a Smart Card Optional
Use the following procedure to insert a Smart Card
1 When holding the smart card make sure the metallic
contact is facing upward and toward the body of the terminal
2 Insert the card into the Smart Card slot on the right side of the T7
Plus See Figure 6
Remove the Smart Card when the terminal screen instructs you to do so

Do not use an ungrounded adapter power adapter power extender cable or AC outlet
Do not disassemble the AC adapter Only qualified technicians may service the adapter
The AC adapter is intended for indoor use only do not expose to rain or snow
Do not immerse the AC adapter or the terminal in fluid
Ensure that the telphone line is disconnected when the unit is unplugged from the
AC power outlet
Power Socket
Figure 2

DO NOT insert the telephone line into the PIN pad port
Paper Cover Tabs
Figure 4
Figure 5
Line Port
RS232 Port
PIN Pad Port
Figure 6
Smart Card Slot
Credit Card Slot
Paper Roll
Figure 1
Line Port
Phone Port
Figure 3

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