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Credit Card Terminal Machine Manual for Addressograph 4000 Fact Sheet


Addressograph Bartizan

      The Addressograph Bartizan Flatbed 4000 Imprinter is the ideal imprinter for merchants.  It is designed to withstand the physical abuses of a bustling merchant environment. Its Zantec base is stronger and more durable than aluminum.  It produces a cleaner impression at just a fraction of the cost of our competitor's aluminum bases. Our interlocking screw and nut combination holds the desired imprint intensity for a million cycles. The Addressograph 4000 imprinter is equipped with a space saver handle so when the imprinter is not in use, you can hang it from the counter. You'll never know until the day you need one.  Choose Addressograph Bartizan's 4000 Flatbed Imprinter.
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      The Addressograph Bar tizan flatbed 4000 is the ideal imprinter fo r m e r c h a n t s I t s Z a n t e c engineered plastic base is stronger and more durable than aluminum The combination of reliability and durability makes the 4000 the ideal choice for all your imprinting needs

      Flatbed Imprinter

      The flatbed 4000 is designed to withstand the physical abuses of a bustling merchant environment The 4000 is equipped with a space saver handle so when the imprinter is not in use you can hang it from the counter
      One of Addressograph Bartizans unique capabilities is in the area of customization Most imprinters can be customized with any color or logo Logos can be applied to the imprinters in four different ways hot stamping silk screening hot stamp transfers or labels Customization contributes to your corporate identity and image at a very reasonable cost Contact us to learn more about customized imprinters
      Chargebacks occur when a customer or bank disputes a manually entered credit card transaction Using an Addressograph Bartizan imprinter provides you with a copy of the transaction needed to prevent chargebacks
      Addressograph Bartizan imprinters are the ideal solution to todays electronic problems When electronic terminals fail communication is lost or authorization is heldup your business wont suffer if you have an Addressograph Bartizan imprinter
      Dimensions H 3 516 x W 6 x L 12 14 or 843 cm x 153 cm x 3112 cm Weight 187 lbs 085 kg Material Die cast carriage Engineered plastic deck Color Black handle and skirt Card Mounting Accepts CR80 size credit cards Sales Slip Provision is made to hold both 51 and 80 column sales slips Merchant Plates Most industry standard plates can be accommodated Our standard imprinters are setup for use with an embossed plate of 014 016 over material height Provision can be made for nonstandard plates and forms Options Suction cups plain mounting feet are standard and ink rollers Packaging options include individual box and master pack bulk pack or other custom requirements
      Model 4000
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